In 1918 Schoenberg created a New Music Society. SOUNDYARD is a modern revitalization of his ideas, starting fall 2018 in Winnipeg.

To know modern music

“This Society has this purpose: to give artists and friends of art a real and precise knowledge of modern music.” -- Schoenberg

SOUNDYARD aims to bring together all those interested in modern music, to engage on the ground floor of what's happening now amongst the next generation of Canadian composers and musicians. Through concerts and video releases subscribers will have their finger on the pulse of new Canadian composition.

Evenings of the Society

“ ‘Evenings’ of the Society are the equivalent of formal concerts, but are removed from the corrupting influence of publicity. These performances are not ‘public’ in every respect.” -- Schoenberg

SOUNDYARD concerts and full video releases are available only to subscribers. This private structure allows composers more freedom in presenting their newest, even unpolished ideas. It also ensures that every member of the community is invested in the future of Canadian music.

As in Schoenberg's Verein, subscription fees operate on a pay-what-you-can basis, and all proceeds go directly to the performers and composers of each concert.

To be understood

“At the performances, expressions of approval, of displeasure, and of gratitude are not permitted. The only success that the composer can have is the one that ought to be the most important for him: that he can make himself understood.” -- Schoenberg

SOUNDYARD performances feature:

  1. No applause

  2. No announcement of composers’ names until after each piece

  3. Short breaks for discussion/refreshment after each set

  4. Occasional repeated performances of the same works

These practices serve to encourage attentive listening, thorough understanding, and open-minded and reflective responses to each piece.

Clarity and precision

“In the selection of works for performance, no specific style is preferred... As far as the composer’s intentions are concerned, unless the ground rules of a good performance are fulfilled, namely clarity and precision, the works cannot and must not be performed in the Society.” -- Schoenberg

SOUNDYARD's musical selections are:

  1. Seven minutes or shorter

  2. Performable by soloists, small ensembles, or in a piano reduction

  3. Recent compositions, with a preference given to local composers

These guidelines ensure a clear and precise performance can be given, and that no particular style dominates an entire concert.