On the 100th anniversary of its original conception, SOUNDYARD is bringing a new kind of concert series to Winnipeg.

Nov 23rd, 8pm

R3T 0X3 (address available to ticket-holders)
Refreshments provided

Tickets here, $1 - $50 by pay-what-you-can subscription

Or $10 at the door (contact for location)

Featuring the music of:
Stuart Beatch
Gavin Hawk
Steven Webb
Ben Sellick
Caroline Shaw

Performances by:
Dexter Artates
Nathaniel Froese
Thomas C J Roberts
Bery Filsaime
Naomi Derksen
Ben Sellick

Special thanks:
GroundSwell Wpg
Simeon Rusnak
Elroy Friesen
Breanna Heinrichs